Hand printing is key to our design DNA conveying our pieces with an unique artisanal flavor.

Mariana Cortes
Mariana Cortes

All our fabrics are hand printed with Mariana Cortes’s designs. With more than 18 years in business Mariana has produced over 150 different patterns that you will discover in our fabrics.

Who is Juana de Arco

Juana de Arco was born in 1998 in the Palermo Viejo neighborhood, Buenos Aires, Argentina, by the hand of Mariana Cortés, UBA designer and artist Inspired by nature, art and recovering Latin American textile techniques, for each collection Mariana draws the textiles that are printed by hand in an infinite variety of colors and turn each garment into a unique piece.

Currently, Juana de Arco has stores in Buenos Aires and Japan; Its products are also marketed in different cities in the United States and Europe.

Our Process

The process of creating a handmade pattern for Juana de Arco began with inspiration and sketching. Juana would spend countless hours drawing and refining her designs, capturing the essence of the Argentine landscape and incorporating elements of nature into her work.

Once the design was finalized, Juana would select the finest threads and materials for her project. She was meticulous in her selection, carefully considering the colors, textures, and weight of the materials to ensure that they would complement her design and bring her vision to life.

With her materials ready, Juana would begin the process of printing her pattern onto the fabric. She used traditional techniques and a variety of colors to create a vibrant and intricate pattern that reflected the beauty of her surroundings.

The four pillars of our DNA


Exclusive hand-stamped drawings

All our fabrics are hand-printed with a Mariana Cortes design. With more than 18years of existence, Mariana has designed more than 150 patterns that you willdiscover in our fabrics. Hand printing is key in the DNA of our design, giving the garment an artisan finish.


Unique Garments

At Juana de Arco we like to say that our products are like our clients: unique. You will find that each piece of Joan of Arc has a combination of prints and colors that makes it different, they are all unique, (like you). In the video, you can see how is our process of creation and production of these unique garments.


Eco-conscious design

Our NIDO line is 100% created by patchworks with the end game of using them and avoid waste from other product lines/articles, giving them a new purpose, use. Such as Head Bands, scrunchies, lingerie entirely made with patchwork, yoga mat straps, home decor. Slow Fashion. We create a new small capsule every 6 months maintaining our base line. We state you can use +10Y one of our garments and it will still be impeccable.


Socially responsible

In our quest to help our community we worked with Argentinian social project “Enhebrando Metas”, it is a social organization that gives jobs to women in social need in Santa Fe, Argentina. They had produce our yoga line, kids line and our accessories on the past. We constantly seek to help the community. In the Argentine crisis of 2001, we created PROJECT NIDO which consisted of giving work to the husbands of our seamstresses who had lost their jobs. Teaching them dressmaking techniques and creating the NIDO product line for them to make.
In the Coronavirus crisis we generated PROJECT NAMASTE. This project consists in the donation of 1 face mask to a NGO for each face mask sold. In this way, a fivefold impact is achieved: the client takes care of himself, takes care of his environment, helps a seamstress, helps people in need (through NGOs) and helps a SME (Joan of Arc).

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